by Jonathan Grijalva

Casino Slots Village: Do You Need to Use Bonus Code for Promos?

Playing games can be both fun and beneficial at the same moment. Well, in what cases is it possible? Of course, the talk is about playing in land-based or virtual casinos. Actually, not all people can go to land-based ones so far. They may have troubles with getting to the place or the casinos may be not legal in particular places, so, virtual casinos can be counted as wonderful alternatives.

Finding a trustworthy place cannot be counted the easiest thing to do. So, to practice gambling and earn money, you should sign up, provide personal information and sign in only those portals that you trust to. To understand if you trust it, please, check a lot of information about it, including the actual site and its terms & conditions, reviews from gamblers, reviews from gambling experts and casino’s ratings. My review will be one of the sources that you can check.

My thoughts: Reasons to Choose SlotsVillage

Slots Village Casino is a virtual casino that was established on the Internet over a decade ago. 2008 was the year of SlotsVillage establishment on the Web. Since then, this casino has a club of loyal and permanent gamblers that consider the platform the most favorite one and prefer it to the others. Therefore, the next question appears. What is this platform so special about?

Oh, I am sorry, before I start talking about advantages, I would like to point out one moment. If you are from England, for example, you cannot be accepted to play in this online casino. Actually, when you go to, you will immediately see if your country is permitted for playing or not, because if it is not, the site will notify you about. Well, countries, such as New Zealand, such as Australia, such as Canada and others are accepted. Well, let’s get to the previous point.

In this review of mine, you will discover a lot of information on SlotsVillage casino. The plan is next. At first, I will be talking about games and software providers, then I will get to banking options, then I will get to clients care and customer support and in the end I will open you all secrets about current promotions, including welcome bonus and SlotsVillage tournaments.

Range of Slots and Other Gaming

Currently, Slots Village casino offers customers to play a lot of games, and each of them is of high quality, has bright graphic arts and has appropriate sound effects to let you dive into the world of gambling. For the comfortability of users, the casino owners and its designers decided to divide all games into next categories:

  • “Slots”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Classic Slots”;
  • “Table Games”;
  • “Video Poker”.

To divide them even more accurately, you can make use of the filters that were displayed on the site of the gambling platform. You can filter all gaming models from A to Z or by provider. You can also choose “Recommended” models, “Top Games” models or “New Games” models. This is your decision to make.

Live SlotsVillage Games

And, of course, the type of gaming that I just need to talk about separately is live gaming. As I said at the beginning, it is not always possible to get to the land-based institution to feel the real casino atmosphere due to several reasons, such as your personal issues or situation with forbidden casinos. Live casino on the Web is a great opportunity to experience playing with real dealers using your device.

By the way, devices may be different, including desktop ones (computers or/and laptops that can let you start instant play with the help of a built-in browser) and mobile ones (phones or/and tablets can also let you start instant play with the help of a built-in browser without having to download some SlotsVillage mobile app).

Software Providers

The very first purpose of gambling in online casino remains to be a simple desire to get a piece of entertainment. When you play with some portal that do not meet your wishes and expectations, when you get bored, you will not continue playing there even for money, which is why this is so important for casino to provide visitors with qualitative and interesting software products.

To guarantee funny time spending, casino Slots Village decided to work with double-checked software providers only. The owners of SlotsVillage wants to be sure that gamblers will not get bored and, out of this, change a gambling platform. Currently, four software developing companies provide our today’s casino with the most exciting, qualitative and exciting free games. Pragmatic Play SDC, BetSoft SDC, VIVO SDC and OctopusGaming SDC work to let you have fun as well.

Banking: Depositing and Withdrawing

What about banking of Slots Village casino? Actually, I cannot say that the casino provide a lot of available banking methods. If I said that, that would not be absolute truth. Now, there are 5 deposit methods and 2 withdrawal methods. As I said, there are not many methods, so it may be needed to create a new wallet for gamblers in case if they used another method.

If to talk about the rest, those methods are also used among players and are reliable, so, maybe, it is not a problem to create a new wallet at all. So, if to refer to deposit methods, I should say that you can use Visa/MasterCard (credit/debit cards; fees may be applied; min deposit is C$10; instant processing), EcoPayz (eWallet; no fees; min deposit is C$10; instant processing), Neosurf (Pre-paid Voucher; no fees; min deposit is C$10, instant processing) and Bitcoin (Bitcoin is a type; no fees; min deposit is C$10; instant processing).

If to refer to withdrawal methods, I should say that you can use EcoPayz (eWallet; no fees, min withdrawal is C$50; instant processing) and Bank Transfer (bank transfer is a type; fees in the amount of C$29; min withdrawal is C$500; processing takes from 5 to 7 working days). For example, I opened an EcoPayz account because it would be convenience for me to use the same method for both operations. What will be better for you? That is the thing that is known by you only.

Clients Care

Gamblers need to be sure that they have place to address to when they need some support. In turn, casino owners need to guarantee that getting support is possible 24/7. For this, it is important to employ only those workers that are competent about Slots Village services and gambling in general.

As you can see it on the picture, the casino lets you to receive help using 1 out of 2 methods. By the way, I really like the interface of the page “Support”. It consists of light tones and there is enough empty spot, so you can concentrate on the needed information and do not get disrupted by bright pictures that are displayed on each stop or unneeded texts.

So, what about ways to get clients support? The first offer from Slots Village casino will be contacting its workers through email (the address can be observed on the site) to get help. It is a huge advantage that this service works 24/7 and all gamblers can get clients care whenever they need it. Live chat is not provided, unfortunately.

The second offer from Slots Village casino will be referring to the section with the name “FAQ”. It is the way to provide you with the help on your own. As a rule, when you go to such section, you see categories of questions and the actual questions with the answers there. The same story with SlotsVillage FAQ. Go ahead and look for the answers if any are needed.

Security and Privacy

Before registering on the site of the casino, it is a necessity for every gambler to check privacy and security terms to understand if he/she can trust the platform or not. Though, as we all know, even if casino does its best to prevent unwanted frauds attacks and other types of intrusions, it does not mean that you are 100% secure because the casino is not responsible for what can happen with your Internet connection. As we know, not all connections are safe, so, please, be attentive.

Slots Village uses encryption technology of the latest version. What is the main of such technology? How does it work? When I was checking the section of privacy policy on, I discovered some things for myself. So, now I can share this info with you so far.

Encryption systems and their function serve for encrypting your personal details, as make them hidden for other groups of people who are not supposed to get close to this info. Of course, there are cases when the third parties are permitted to see your info, but if it is so, you will be able to read it in the “Privacy Policy” section. As you can see, the info cannot be shared with those parties that you do know about, and it is always safe.

I think I should also mention about cookie policy. The website collects information about you when you are surfing it and uses it to “follow” your steps, so it will be possible in the future to show you offers that may meet your wishes. As for me, it is convenient.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are the most desired part for all newbies with no exception. I remember that feeling when you have a burning desire to find out which offers are waiting for you to claim them. Of course, a lot of newbies can hope for no deposit bonus, but, actually, it is impossible to do with this portal. It does not offer such bonus. But who said it is bad? There are plenty more fish in the sea!

When you see an advertisement banner of the welcome offer, you may think that 675% bonus is something unreal, but it is true. The thing is that the whole package for welcoming was divided into five deposit making.

  • If you commit the very first depositing, you will gain bonus the percentage of which is 200%. Also, you will gain 30 free spins as well.
  • If you commit the 2nd depositing, you will gain bonus the percentage of which is 100%. Also, you will gain 30 free spins as well.
  • If you commit the 3rd depositing, you will gain bonus the percentage of which is 100%. Also, you will gain 30 free spins as well.
  • If you commit the 4th depositing, you will gain bonus the percentage of which is 100%. Also, you will gain 30 free spins as well.
  • If you commit the 5th depositing, you will gain bonus the percentage of which is 175%. Also, you will gain 30 free spins as well.

If to sum up percentages of all 5 parts, what will we get? Right, that would be 675%. So, if you want to become the owner of this juicy welcome offer, you are welcome. No promo codes are needed. Note: The winnings that you can gain thanks to given free spins can be turned into cash. The maximum amount is C$200.

Grand VIP Tournament

Freeky Freespin Stalker

Well, the picture looks attractive, and, to be honest, it is not only the picture that looks attractive, but the whole offer is like this too. So, how does it really work? When you make your deposits, each C$10 are counted by the casino and every “portion” of C$10 are counted as 1 raffle tickets. The casino says that the bigger amount of those tickets is, the bigger chance to get close to the winnings appear. You do not need any bonus code for this offer.

At the moment, there are winners that are divided into four groups. The first group consists of 10 people who have won 100 free spins. The second group consists of 25 people who have won 75 free spins. Well, the third group consists of 50 people who have won 50 free spins. The fourth (and also the last) group consists of 100 people who have won 25 free spins as well. You can become one of those winners too. Think about it.

Sunday Storm

What does promo “Sunday Storm” mean and what advantages can you take from it? So, let’s start with a brief description of this offer. Sunday Storm is the name of a tournament that is held every single Sunday. I want to tell you what prizes (for getting which you do not need coupon codes) are offered to the winners. Are you ready to find it out?

So, if a gambler takes the first place, he/she receives C$2500 which is a lot, agree. If a gambler takes the second place, he/she receives C$750. If a gambler takes the third place, he/she receives C$300. Those gamblers that took places from 4th to 10th are rewarded with C$100 each. Those gamblers that took places from 11th to 25th are rewarded with C$50 chips each. The last group of gamblers must remember that chips have wager requirements (25X).

15% Cashback

When you get to the section with the name “Promotions”, you will not miss the offer “Loyalty Cashback”. That is what I can guarantee. So, what is this offer about? You know cases when casinos give points gained during gambling and turn it into cash. Well, SlotsVillage casino offers this, too, but it also offers sending you cashback.

For example, when you make a deposit, a part of the whole sum that was deposited by you will be delivered to you back. When you deposit, remember the deposited sum value and check your profile after committing money transfer, you will notice that some funds were delivered to you as a so-called “back-gift”.

Our Conclusion: SlotsVillage Casino

Range of All Games 9.3/10
Live Casino 9.7/10
Banking Options 8.7/10
Promotions 9.6/10
Average 9.3/10

This is conclusion that is slowly taking you to the final point of my review, and I would like to put all the thoughts in one place. So, I evaluated “Range of All Games” as 9.3 out of 10 because games are of high quality, they are bright and colorful, sound effects are great. In general, I am satisfied.

I evaluated live casino as 9.7 out of 10 which is the highest evaluation in today’s review. Why? Everything is simple. It is not enough time to go to land-based casinos + I do not like to be surrounded by huge crowds. At home, I feel more comfortable, and when I found out that it is possible to play with real dealers, I was happy. It would be 10 out of 10 if there were more games on the offer.

Banking options were estimated as 8.7 out of 10. In general, methods that are comfortable. A better part does not require fees or waiting a couple days until the payments are processed, but a small range of banking makes a lot of people open new wallets. Actually, it may be okay for some people while the other people find it as an extra headache. I would be glad to continue using the method that I usually used, of course, but as I was easy to open a new wallet of a new banking system, it did not bother me too much.

Promotions were estimated as 9.6 out of 10, and this is due to the wide diapason of available promotions. Here, you can use welcome bonus package, you can get free spins, you can, you can take part in casino’s tournaments, you can use cashback function and make use of daily promotions. Is not it wonderful?

So, if you want to try all mentioned things out, you should definitely go to site and experience gambling with this platform on your own because talking can last all day long. It is better to try one time that to hear about SlotsVillage casino 7 times. Register, login, deposit and play the game of your dreams!