by Jonathan Grijalva

Casino ShadowBet: Register and Play Free Games

I am sure that playing on the Internet is that way of entertaining that is the most popular one nowadays. And, actually, I am also sure that this way is so popular because it suits not only to people who want to entertain themselves, but also to those who want to earn some real money with the help of such online activity.

Of course, the perspectives are great, but you can never know what level of reliability the chosen casino has if you do not find out detailed information on it and do not read reviews. The part with reviews is important, and not only because I am going to present you my own. It is important because reading reviews (especially of those who have experienced gaming in a particular portal) makes you understand what it really is and if it is worth your attention.

So, as I said, my today’s purpose is to present you my own review on one of the leading virtual casinos in the UK market and the whole world’s market. I am going to review Shadow Bet casino and all its features, starting with game types/bonus types and ending with support/privacy. So, I am ready to start our article. Are you?

Why to Choose ShadowBet Gambling Club?

I would definitely understand if you asked why to choose Shadowbet gambling portal. You need to be sure about the casino that you chose. Otherwise, does it make sense to practice gambling there? So, let’s start talking about as well. This platform was established in 2016. Well, only three years have passed.

Lots of gamblers start choosing a casino thinking about the year of casino’s establishment. As a rule, they think, “If this casino is old, then it is good and can meet all my wishes”. As I think, that is not true. Being “recent” does not suppose being inexperienced, and I can prove my thoughts.

Meet one of the leading casinos in England, in Canada, in New Zealand and all world! I will tell you what it is so good about, talking about promos, about game types, support center and banking options. Well, you should note. If you are from Australia, for example, you cannot be accepted in this casino. The full listing of countries that CAN be accepted is displayed on the site. So, let’s get to the chase. Let’s start with the games!

Variations of Slots

ShadowBet casino is the portal which can keep your company by providing you playing games of diverse types and genres. And we can call slots as one type of those genres. They are considered to be the most popular game type and they are loved among players that live in different places. Well, what slots can be offered by portal?

Well, when you click on “Slots”, you will be able to observe the range of such games, but that is not the end. You will also be able to find the right game manually, to sort them by game provider and to show only latest releases. Among the most loved and played slots, we can mention game named “Fruits”, game named “Owls”, game named “Riders of the Storm” (remember the song?), game named “Northern Sky” and many others. Sign up on the site and login to dive into the shadow world of slot machines.

Free Games With Jackpots Included

Sensation! Is this the word that may be used when talking about games with progressive jackpots? I would use this word for describing my feeling about such games. Well, I cannot be sure about all people, but I am pretty sure that at least one person wanted to win a jackpot in a lottery. This was always the most wanted prize? Luckily, now, we can feel winning jackpots in real life with the help of ShadowBet.

Well, now, 32 progressive games are waiting for you to come and win money inside them. One of the biggest project is named “Mega Moolah Isis” the progressive jackpot of which is €3.814.470 which is quite considerable sum, don’t you think? “Cash Splash” can also interest you despite its low sum of money. Well, that is not bad because the jackpot gets bigger all the time.

Table Games Variety

What do we know about table games? Traditionally, when we are talking about table games, we suppose poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack which is an absolute truth. The most famous and loved table games variations are presented on the screenshot. There, you can see “Perfect Pairs European Blackjack”, you can see “Joker Poker”, you can see “Double Bonus Poker” and so on.

Live Casino & Games With Real Dealers

For example, I am a great fan of live casino on the Web, as it is impossible for me to get out of my home one more time to get to land-based casino. I do not have enough time for it. Plus, I feel comfortable playing at home, so why not to play games that are played with real dealer in real time and stay at home at the same time? Believe me, this is unforgettable experience.

In live mode, you can play the most famous table games ever, such as blackjack, such as baccarat, such as roulette. All of presented genres can be divided into its own subcategories. For example, Roulette can be European, American and so on. They have differences in terms of game rules, so this is how they differ from each other. It is even better because you can experience live gaming in different variations. Isn’t it wonderful?

“Other” Games

The casino has a listing of game categories at the top of the page, as you know. So, guess what else we were not talking about? Yes, the talk is about section named “Other”? What games are included there? So, as for me, this category consists of games that do not suit other categories, so the casino’s owners decided to put such games in a separate section.

At the moment, there are 9 gaming models on Shadowbet casino. There, you can pick a game “Hexaline”, a game “Cashapillar”, a game “Hole in One”, a game “Germinatior”, a game “Triangulation”, a game “Bunny Boiler”, a game “Max Damage” and a game “Electro Bingo”.

Your Perfect Welcome Gift

Who does not like presents and various pleasant things? I bet it will be hard to find such person. So, what can we say about bonuses in online gaming institutions? Well, gamblers can have different preferences and hopes. If you hope for a no deposit bonus, you can leave your hopes behind. This casino has something even better on the offer.

The offer of ShadowBet lies in the fact that it is possible to gain 100% bonus and, in result, receive €100 (euros) just for making your very first deposit. And that is not all. €100 cannot be counted as the end of the offer. In addition, you will receive 100 free spins. No bonus code is required to be entered.

Offer on Every Wednesday

Another option of casino’s promotions that I want to tell you about is a daily promo. Well, actually, it is more Wednesday daily promotion, as the offer can be claimed on Wednesday only. Of course, if you take a look at the listing of promo offers the other day, you will notice offer for that day of the week.

As I have Wednesday offer, I should tell about this. For receiving this offer, you are required to have at least one deposit that was made during the week. Otherwise, you will not be able to access this offer. So, if all requirements were taken into account and everything was good, it is possible to take your 10 extra spins without entering promo codes.

Happy B-Day Gift

Everybody likes getting b-day presents, am I right? Birthday is the most love day of the year for numerous people, and the more good words and presents they receive, the better they feel. So, what is this all about? Shadowbet wants to join your celebration and offer you to take special b-day gift.

The casino tells that even the administration do not know what gift will be granted to you, or rather, they know that they offer to take up to 50 free spins, but they can never be sure about the quantity of spins. For example, I received 20 free spins on my birthday. So, maybe, you will be the one who receives the maximum offer which is 50 spins.

Deposit Banking Options

Well, I think it is appropriate to start with information, such as finding the section of banking options, so you could not get lost when looking for the answers. Simply go to the bottom of ShadowBet and pick the section “Payment Methods”. This way, you will be able to observe the methods that are available for committing deposits and committing withdrawals.

As you can notice, the subheading is named “Deposit Banking Options”, so here, I am going to talk about depositing as well. At the moment, ShadowBet casino offers you to choose one out of 8 options that include BO (banking option) “MasterCard”, BO “PaySafeCard”, BO “Visa”, BO “Skrill”, BO “Neteller”, BO “Euteller”, BO “EcoPayz” and the last BO the name of which I cannot tell because the site does not show its icon.

In this section, it is more than possible to get detailed information. This information includes showing presence or absence of fees, processing time and limitations per every monetary transfer. If to take a look at limitations, you can see that minimum sum is €1 and maximum sum ranges from €200 to €5000.

Withdrawal Banking Options

Guess what we are going to talk about next. Of course, you are right. This is withdrawing process that we are going to talk about. Currently, can offer you to choose one out of 5 withdrawing banking options (WBO), including WBO “Visa”, WBO “Skrill”, WBO “Bank Transfer”, WBO “Neteller” and WBO “EcoPayz”.


Plus, you can see details on each method, including its icon, fees (0% or €0), processing time (instant or 1-3 working days) and limits per one transfer. Minimal amount of money that can be withdrawn ranges from €10 to €20. Maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn ranges from €1000 to €5000. If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to get in touch with the staff or check “FAQ”.

Where and How to Get Help?

In case of different kinds of emergency, gamblers must know that they have place where they can come and ask for help. ShadowBet understands it as well, so they do their best to provide you with such service, but they make it even more comfortable, as a couple ways to get in touch are offered.

  • Contact the ShadowBet’s workers by email. The email that you can use if you need help from casino’s workers is displayed in the section “Contact Us”. To make use of it, simply copy it and paste it within the field “Recipient” when you are in the process of writing your email letter.
  • Contact the ShadowBet’s workers through online chat on the site. Of course, it has its schedule of working and you need to remember about it. From Monday till Friday, you can get in touch with the workers from 07:00 am till 09:00 pm. On Saturday and on Sunday, the working time is shortened, so contacting is possible from 09:00 am till 07.00 pm.
  • Well, a lot of people also like writing real letters, and if you are one of those people, you can use the address that is displayed on the site of Shadowbet casino and fulfll the field “Recipient” with this address. Of course, it takes more time that previous options have, but if you have special wishes and this option suits you, please, you are welcome.

My Thoughts About ShadowBet

In the humble opinion of mine, this casino deserves your attention and attention of other gamblers no matter where they. This is a newbie, but this newbie manages to be even better than some experience online institutions. The main reason for it is how the workers try to make it the best and the safest play to practice gambling and win monetary prizes. Below, you can see my estimate on a couple features of ShadowBet.

Games on ShadowBet 9.4/10
Live Casino 9.7/10
Welcome Offer for Newbies 9.2/10
Banking 8.9/10
Average 9,3

Generally, I liked the casino a lot and it almost got desired 10. As you can see, “Banking” received 8.9 from me, but it is not because something went wrong and my money were stolen. Not at all! I decided to evaluate this point this way because of short listing of available methods, due to which, I needed to create additional web wallet. Plus, the second banking option of depositing was not clear and shown.

I like the live casino part a lot. As I have said already, playing out of home are out of plans due to lack of time. So, playing in live mode with real croupiers is a treasure for all gamblers like me. Also, it is good that casino has variations of the same game because it would be boring to play only one roulette or only one blackjack. Having variations makes casino more interesting and lets gamblers make comparisons and understand what they like more. That is great!

So, that’s it for now. If you are here, then you probably read this review to the end, and I am very thankful for it. Thank you! What else? I am sure that you can win all money that you want if you play by rules and make it with mind. Avoid gambling addiction because having any addiction is unhealthy. Anyway, good luck! You can do anything!